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Let's face it; we live in a very high-paced, high-pressure digital world that seems to move faster than we can keep up with. The ever-evolving array of technologies today empower us to do more with less, yet we still somehow end up busier than ever, continuously adding things to our endless to-do lists. Furthermore, the ever-calling demands of our environments have never been louder. Regardless of our circumstances, we must deliver for our clients, our businesses, our leaders, our friends and our families.

As a result, our minds are racing, our emotions are unsettled and this has become the new norm. Ultimately, this landscape creates a “hamster-stuck-on-the-wheel” effect leading to stress, overwhelm and eventual burnout. With more control than ever before right at our fingertips, we somehow still find ourselves completely out of control. Underneath it all, we know that we have to be more to do more, but how? This question in today's landscape is what inspired the creation of The Self-Architect.


Self-Architecture is the process of closing the gap between who you are now, and who you know you can be.

This powerful process empowers you to not only survive in the midst of today's incredibly demanding landscape, but to thrive both personally and professionally within it. The Self-Architect gives you the advantage by placing control squarely back into your own hands. We believe that it should be no other way, and you deserve to experience the fullest expression of who you are. This is why we have created a process to close the gap between who you are now, and who you know you can be. We call this your ideal-self.

The Self-Architect is an industry-leading online professional development course that combines emotional intelligence with mindfulness meditation. With design ideology at its core, self-architecture takes a completely new & unique approach to empowering and creating world-class professionals.



The Self-Architect is a blended-learning, online course delivered through an experience based, 5-week curriculum. The online course materials feature video and audio modules that can be accessed anywhere, anytime as well as practical exercises and reflections designed to give you real-world context. Our experience based learning approach significantly increases learning retention by helping you apply new concepts to your everyday life.


Your real-world application reflections, practices and exercises are then clarified and solidified through 1-1 personalized professional coaching to further addresses your unique learning needs. To add yet another level of personalization, prior to starting the course, we really get to know you on a personal level through scientifically validated psychometrics.


We are the only online learning course to incorporate two levels of psychometric testing to accurately measure your current competencies in two areas; your emotional intelligence (EQ) and your mindset. We accomplish this through the use of two scientifically validated assessment tools; EQ-i 2.0 and The Hardiness Resilience Gauge. Both tools have been researched and developed by Multi-Health Systems; global leaders in this field for over 30 years.

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Our commitment to you is the best professional standards for coaching and training. This is why all of our coaches are certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation) which represents the gold standard for professional coaching world-wide. Additionally, our trainers are certified by the IPL (Institute for Performance & Learning) which represents the gold standard for training nationally. This is how we ensure that you are receiving an industry-standard level of professional support on all fronts.

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Prior to starting the online course, we use scientifically validated psychometric testing to accurately identify what’s holding you back in how you think (Mindset) as well as how you deal with emotions (Emotional Intelligence).

This scientific approach is then paired with world-class coaching to help you see the real-world implications of your results. From there, we highlight the main areas for you to focus on during the training for the greatest ROI professionally and personally.


During this week, we introduce you to the concept of self-architecture. We help you understand what it is, how it works and why it works. We also introduce you to our core framework called The Self-Structure which sets up the foundation for you to successfully engage in self-design.


During this week, we walk you through the entire process of designing the blueprint for your most ideal-self. You will be guided through a process of self-exploration empowering you to identify, design and refine your core values, life principles, priorities and perspectives through the lens of your ideal-self.


During this week, you learn and begin your daily practise of meditation, visualization and self-reflection in order to actualize and live-into your most ideal-self. This is where you start to recognize and experience your transformation in real-time.


During this week, we strengthen your ability to live-into your ideal-self by adding more tools of self-architecture to your tool belt. These tools empower you to take control of your mind and your emotions in any situation as your ideal-self.


During the final week, you will focus on refining the practise and mastering the tools of self-architecture. This week is mostly experience-based and focuses on supporting your transformation in your personal and professional life.


the self-architect




- Build world-class, high-performing leaders through coaching & training

- Enhance leadership performance through emotional intelligence

- Shift company culture by changing mindset & behavioural defaults

- Empower leaders to succeed in high-pressure, fast-paced environments

- Give leaders a unique performance advantage in the digital age

- Empower leaders to establish self-control through mindfulness meditation

To learn more about how self-architecture can build effective leaders in your organization, click the button below to set up a complimentary consult call. You will speak directly with an EQ Consultant who will take the time to understand your organizational needs and explain how we can help you take things to a new level.






Personalize professional development for your organization with customized coaching and/or training solutions based on emotional intelligence and mindset development. Within this specialized area, we offer 1-1 coaching, 360 coaching, group coaching, group training, team workshops as well as professional talks.

Fundamentally, we leverage two scientifically validated tools; EQ-i 2.0 and HRG (Hardiness Resilience Gauge) to consult our clients and support their unique professional development needs. These tools help us accurately measure EQ as well as Mindset.


The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0®) is the first scientifically validated and most widely used Emotional Intelligence assessment in the world and has been used by millions of people since the publication in 1997. The newest version EQ-i 2.0 was launched in 2011. 

 Based on more than 20 years of research worldwide, the EQ-i 2.0 examines an individual’s social and emotional strengths and weaknesses. It includes 15 key areas of emotional skill that have been proven to contribute to proficiency in complex business activities such as conflict resolution, effective communication, inspiring leadership as well as strategic planning and delivery.


The Hardiness Resilience Gauge (HRG) is grounded in over 30 years of research and development and provides valuable insight into an individuals’ level of hardiness as well as their ability to be resilient in coping with stressful and unexpected situations.

HRG focuses on the three C’s – Control, Commitment, and Challenge to effectively evaluate mindset based on the following outlooks; the belief of having control over events that are experienced, being committed to seeing the world as meaningful and interesting and seeing challenges and change as growth opportunities.

To learn more about how you can leverage custom emotional intelligence and mindset development solutions to create an effective team, book a consult with us now.



for professionals



- Gain & maintain control of your mind and emotions

- Become your greatest version personally and professionally

- Achieve a deeper sense of passion, purpose and fulfillment

- Experience balance, emotional empowerment and on-demand wellness

- Transcend the monotonous “Hamster-stuck-on-a-wheel” experience

- Excel by taking your professional performance to a new level

To learn more about self-architecture and how you can enrol into this course, click the button below to set up a 1-1 pre-enrolment call. You will speak directly with an EQ Coach who will take the time to understand your personal and professional goals, as well as explain how you can benefit from this course.



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